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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Willie Titus ( son of Edward "Ned" Titus 1867-1942) and Amanda Marie Hunter-Titus (his daughter-in-law)

Willie Titus

One of 11 children of Ned and Clora Titus. Born 2 years after the end of slavery in Texas. Married Mary Rauls with whom he raised 8 children.

Willie grew up in the Titus Farm community. He died at the age of 78 and was buried in the Hopewell cemetery.

He married his sweetheart, Mary Rauls who was also a descendant of ex-slaves. They had eight children. 1. Governor,2.Minnie Beria, 3.Lovie Annie, 4. Willie L.V., 5. Pinkie, 6. Hattie Mae,7. Gladys Mary and 8. Fannie Liz.

Not much is known of his educational background, but he could read, write and compute. That, in itself, was an achievement. There were many peers who were not that fortunate. He stressed the need for education to his children and grandchildren. He wanted for them something better than what he had. His children completed all the grade levels that was required. There was no illiteracy in his family.

Farming was his trade. There was much to be done. Plowing in the fields, cutting wood, mending fences, feeding and watering animals and fowl, milking cows, planting, harvesting and conserving fruit and vegetables were routine and required physical labor. One thing could be said of Willie Titus is, he provided for his family. There was always plenty to eat.

When his wife was stricken with illness and later died in 1916, Willie had to fill a dual role. With skillfulness and thriftiness, he managed his household. His older children tended the younger ones and did the household chores.

From his religious training, he learned to be reverent to God and share with others. He was a Methodist and attended Sunday School and church service at Hopewell Methodist church. On a regular basis, he lead prayer service. He had a special seat, one hewn out of a large stomp, at church. In sharing with others, Willie would plant an extra row of vegetable and fruit to give to his friends and other less fortunate ones.

Willie was a member of the Masonic Lodge and served as Worshipful Master of his chapter for a number of years.

In his spare time, Willie would fish and hunt for relaxation. With these hobbies, he would supply his family wild game and fresh fish.

The home of Willie Titus was the common meeting ground for his adult children and his grandchildren. He and his sons would park their mules and plows daily. Then, they would chit-chat for hours. When family members missed them, there was no doubt where they were. The grandchildren met there often, ate there, and slept there. At his home, one experienced a sharing and caring attitude, survival techniques, and words of wisdom.

This chapter closes on a man who was soft spoken, kind and gentle, and who was an exemplary family man in the Titus Farm Community.

Biography written by :Tommie Nell Titus-Canady for Titus_Hunter Hall of Fame
Printed by permission of Wilbur T. Titus


Amanda Marie (A.M.) ,aka: "Sweet" Hunter-Titus married Governor Titus ,oldest child and son of Willie Titus and the grandson of Edward "Ned" Titus.

Amanda's Hunter Lineage

Amanda Marie Hunter Titus: Community Leader, Entrepreneur, Christian Wife and Mother
Miss Sweets' version of Sunbonnet Sue.

All photos and history are courtesey of
Wilbur T.(Bill) Bonner-Titus.....Official Titus
Family Researcher and Historian.

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