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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

JAZZ MY IMAGINATION RUNNING AWAY WITH ME...Sherry Byrd's" Flipside" on creativeness

I have always,as far as I can remember, been fascinated with using patchwork to enhance old clothes and furniture. In this post I will introduce you to some of my creative ideas that I have toyed with over the years.
There's hardly a day that goes by that I do not think about how I can use patchwork in one of these creative applications.

The "Flip Side " to my creativeness includes many facets....just like a diamond.

My very first patchwork dress--c.1994.

Sherry's second creative project in designing wearable art.

This patchwork vest was worn to the Inaugural opening of the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum in Spring of 2001. It was a "Black Tie Occassion". Since I dread wearing all black...I added a little touch of flare to my black outfit.

This vest was worn to the "Quilts of Color" exhibit at the Texas Folk life Resources Gallery in July of 1999.

Sherry wears the vest at a District Assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses in Denton,Texas.

Polka Dots and Patchwork

Sherry's two piece ensemble with patchwork scarf.

Sarah ,Sherry's youngest daughter,wearing her "Polka Dot Patchwork Enhanced party dress.

Sarah's quilt called" Polka Dot Synphony", was created from the leftover scraps  from the two outfits above.


This outfit is created from thrift shop purchased  skirt and blouse that are enhanced with M-provisational  Patchwork.



This Patchwork creation is the results of  Sherry's second  project in  designing vests. It  was worn to the "Quilts of Color exhibit Workshop in 1999,Austin,Tx.

Steps used in composing this vest.

Quilts of color workshop, July 1999,Texas Folklife Gallery,Austin,Texas.

My Hand quilted Gingham Scarf.

Patchwork Applique design for  a special occasion. This is Sherry at her fourth daughter's wedding.The design is made from African prints.


This dress was created from a simplicity pattern and one of my grandmother's patch work quilt tops.It was so beautiful that I just had to wear it. (Top by Gladys Celia Durham-Henry b.1906-d.1996).

Front of dress.

Reverse of dress.

This dress was worn to my mother-in-law's furneral and many compliments were received from family members.She was a lover of colors and especially RED. She would have loved this dress too.She also loved quilts.


Patchwork by request ...My oldest son requested that his mom wear one of her beautiful patchwork creations to his wedding.... and so his request was honored and fulfilled.

Anonymous patchwork top that was used to create  Sherry's wedding shawl and scarf. It is a postage stamp and trip around the world design.
High Noon Talk at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum,July 2006.

Sherry Byrd giving  her "High Noon Talk " at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum July 2006 and wearing her two pieced ,patch work enhanced ,thrift shop treasure. She got a lot of compliments from the ladies who attended...not only on the quilts...but also on her beautiful attire.They said that the color combinations in the patchwork were just perfect :):):) 
(Take note of matching bow tie that hubbie,Curtis Byrd,Sr. is sporting.)

Found a beautiful vintage outfit at the thrift shop that you love,but are afraid to  invest in it because it has a  mouse hole on the shoulder.....never fear...the "enhancement of patchwork is here". Repair and decorate at the very same time.Then wear that great outfit to give your very first one hour talk at a major museum. And while you're at it make hubbie feel like he's your very own special "Ken Doll" by creating  a matching bowtie for him....so everyone will know that he belongs to you :))))....cause he's wearing your colors!!!!


"My Photo Shoot "

Photographer: Curtis Byrd,Sr.

March 2011

One of my patchwork upholstery projects.
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