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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

LONE STAR BRAGGIN' RIGHTS QUILT BLOCK XXII: William Rufus (W.R.) Boyd, Jr. and his Family Members.

 Starting with this post, I will be selectively featuring names and/or quilt blocks from LONE STAR BRAGGIN RIGHTS QUILT that have yielded an abundance of historical information on their backgrounds.  As research continues to uncover and reveal more details, other names and / or complete blocks may also be featured as future posts.

Row 5/ Block XXII

Boyd Family Signature Quilt Block

Some Boyd Family Genealogy

List of names on Quilt Row 5/ Block XXII

* ( corner names )

Rachel Boyd
David Boyd
Mrs. L. R. Boyd, Jr.
L. R. Boyd III
Sterling R. Proctor
Mrs. Sterling R. Proctor
Sterling Proctor, Jr.
L. R. Boyd, Sr.
Mrs. L. R. Boyd, Sr.
L. R. Boyd, Jr.
Judge W. R. Boyd
Mrs. W. R. Boyd
Clio Boyd
Frost Boyd
W. R. Boyd, Jr.
Mrs. W. R. Boyd, Jr.
W. R. Boyd III
J. W. Carnes
Mrs. J. W. Carnes
Ruth Carnes


History of Freestone County, Volume I, story #146, pages 283-84, by Sylvia Childs

W.R.Boyd, Jr. .....at the age of 19 became a lawyer and first mayor of Teague, Texas in 1907,  

He was born January 7, 1885 in Fairfield, Texas.

Died November 9, 1959 in Teague, Texas.  

"During WWII he was chairman of the Petroleum Industry  War Council. This was a group composed of oilmen who met monthly to advise the government on petroleum supplies for the Army and Navy, lend lease and for fuel rationing and distribution of fuels to the Allied Forces.  Sixty-five percent of the tonnage of all overseas shipments during the war were petroleum products.

For his wartime work he was given the presidential medal of merit, the highest government award made to civilians by President Truman

He was one of six men accompanying the official American delegation to London in 1945 to put through a petroleum agreement with the British government.  After the business end of the trip was over these same men toured Europe..... 

He and Gertye always maintained warm friendships and legal citizenship in his native county, Freestone. They always made frequent trips back home and participated in local community activities. When called upon, he appeared before Chambers of Commerce and civic organizations to help carry on the great program of building better communities and a higher degree of citizenship. The annual "Boyd Cup"award arrangement for honoring a citizen in Teague each year, was instituted and the silver cup donated by Mr. Boyd."

 ( History of  Annual Boyd Cup Presentations ,page 192, History of Freestone County, Volume I.)

From 1950 to 1959 he devoted his time to civic, patriotic, charitable, and religious organizations. 

He was a member of the Texas Turnpike Authority from 1955 to 1959

He founded the Methodist Men's Club in Teague.


Mr. Boyd is buried at Arlington National Cemetery,Arlington county, Virginia....but also has a memorial marker in Greenwood Cemetery, Teague, Texas....next to the grave of his faithful wife, Gertye.

Find A Grave

(The family stories can be found in Volume I, History of Freestone county, Stories # 143-146.)

Born Jan 7,1885 to William Rufus Boyd and Lizzie Pheribe Self

William Rufus married Mary Gertrude (Gertye) Watson.

They had one child, W.R.Boyd III and one grandson, W.R.Boyd IV


Wall of photos honoring W.R. Boyd, Jr.

Located at the Burleson-Road Island 

Railroad Museum in Teague, Texas.


Some sources to visit for more information on Mr. Boyd's life and accomplishments.

William Rufus Boyd, Jr. Biography,Texas State Historical Association Online

W.R. Boyd historical marker

Boyd Lodge Memories

Uncle Roe Adams

Texas Genealogy Trails

*History of Freestone County, Volumes I ,1978 and II,1989, Can be viewed at local county libraries and museums.


Gertye Watson-Boyd , wife of W.R.Boyd, Jr., Born to William Sanford Watson and Helera ( Lera ) Lake Boyd

Mary Gertrude married William Rufus Boyd and had one child.


Gertye loved antiques and her family's genealogy.   She researched and found that it reached back for many generations and decades, in four distinct directions.  All the details could be firmly documented.

 She was related to the Echols, Lakes, Weavers and Watsons....all of  them came among the early pioneers to stake claims in the state of Texas.

Gertye's father, W.S Watsons' (William Sanford) extended family owned land in Stewart's Mill, but W.S resided in Fairfield, Texas.   He was a successful cotton planter, farmer and rancher.

 Gertye was born in Fairfield.   Her father's  home was two blocks away from the Fairfield courthouse.  Her grandfather, W.T. (William Terry) and grandmother Mary Weaver, lived just one block away from her parents home.


The Watson family consisted of merchants,farmers,ranchers,and had extensive land holdings in Freestone County.

(Family stories about the "The Watsons" can be read in History of Freestone County, Volume I, stories #844-856, pages 617-624 .)

Stewards Mill. Texas


W.S. and Lera Watson,  (Gertye Watson Boyd's parents

"...were known for the bountiful table they always set and for their warm hospitality to everyone who called on them.....Many entertaining stories are told of the happy Watson home...."

According to a quote from  History of Freestone County, Watson, John and Martha (Echols)Watson historical accounts written by Sylvia Childs and Christine (Watson) Marsters....story #848, page 620,Volume I, page 620 .....this was a family who came from a history of  leadership and socializing.  They  always tried to keep the traditions going.
." John Watson and Martha B. Echols-Watson came to Freestone County from Virginia in 1849..........The early colonial culture of Virginia is legendary.  Virginians were leaders in the American Revolution and of the events leading to it. Virginians called the First Continental Congress, a Virginian was author of the Declaration of Independence; and another assumed command of the armies.
History of State of Virginia

Colony of Virgina
On the eve of the Revolution, Virginia had more than 120,000 inhabitants, many of them persons of considerable wealth, sophistication and learning. There was a stable economy in tobacco and cotton.
It was in this atmosphere....that John Watson, of Virginia was born, in 1798.  John matured in his association with scholarly, politically oriented, freedom loving people. He pursued his studies to become a scholar, teacher and merchant.  He married Martha "Patsy" Echols, the daughter of John Echols of Virginia.
 Virginia continued her role of leadership in the decades that followed the Revolution. Virginian sons such as John Watson, his family, neighbors and friends were instigators and perpetuator's of much of the intellectual thinking and ferment out of which the basic political institutions of our young nation were gradually shaped....
 Agriculture was the basics of Virginia's economy and slavery was the very foundation of agriculture. Without an abundance of labor the cotton and tobacco could not be planted, harvested and marketed.  
 Nat Turner's slave insurrection in 1831 raised grave tensions.  Trouble from the North had begun. Signals of alarm for the death of the old ways were everywhere in evidence.  A way of life was about to end.  Many plantation owners, merchants, farmers, teachers and others began to look westward.  These were the economic and social pressures that motivated John and Martha Watson, along with their seven children, to seek Texas as the new land in which to build their new lives.  They brought with them slaves and gold...."

Texas, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia




John and Martha's children were 7:

William Terry Watson ... (Father of William Sanford Watson, (who was Gertye Watson's father.) 

History of Freestone County, Volume I, story#855, page 623, Watson, William T. by Sylvia Childs

William T. Watson was born December 17, 1824 in Halifax, Virginia, the eldest son of John and Martha Eckols Watson (see John Watson History)  The family came to Texas in December 1849 and settled five miles from the present site of Fairfield. William married Miss Mary Weaver, daughter of Ezekiel Weaver, an early pioneer of Texas. The Weavers came to Texas in 1839....

William and Mary married  May 6, 1853 and made their home in Fairfield, where they built one of Fairfield's most beautiful ante bellum two story houses, with six columns....at the end of Mount Street in the original town site of Fairfield....

There were four children born to the couple:

Children of William Terry and Mary Weaver

Rufus Watson

William Sanford Watson (Married Lera Lake, daughter of John Lake.)....

History of Freestone County, Volume I, story #854, page623, Watson, William Sanford, by Sylvia Childs

"....William was a successful cotton planter, and farmer and rancher.  He is listed in the records as an active member of the Freestone County Live Stock Association, 1921. He was a large land owner at the time of his death. 
 It was not uncommon for William to get up in the night and go to his neighbors' house to help care for the sick or someone in need.  

William S. was born two blocks from the Court House and spent his entire life in his beloved Fairfield.  He was affectionately known to all as Mr. Billie.  Many entertaining stories are told of the happy Watson home.... 
William S. was one of the first automobile owners in Fairfield.  When he first drove the car across his open pasture, he could not find the brake pedal.  He tried to stop the car by shouting, "Whoa , car, Whoa!". The car was finally stopped by a big oak tree.  William returned to his reliable horse and buggy which remained a familiar sight around Fairfield until his death."

Bibb Watson - ( Bibb married Annie Bradley,  daughter of L.D. Bradley. 

History of Freestone County, Volume I, story# 148 , page285,Bradley, George T. , by William Bradley Pullin,Great-Great Grandson.  
"George T. Bradley and his brothers came to Texas from Alabama when they were young men. George and William settled in the Stewards Mill Community __F. M. and L. D. in Fairfield.   
L. D. was a lawyer and later became District Judge..... 
L. D. organized five companies of volunteers for service in the Civil War and served as Captain in the last company....On the grounds of the Courthouse in Fairfield there is a Historical marker giving the military record of L. D. Bradley...."
Texas Historical Marker: L.D. Bradley
L.D. Bradley Gravesite


Martha Watson--

....Martha was an honor graduate of Baylor University and married L. D. Lillard, who established, the third newspaper in Fairfield, the Fairfield Recorder in 1876.  This weekly newspaper is still being published today.


Alexander Tazewell Watson -b. February 28, 1845 -d.January 23, 1918. Married Martha "Matt" Whitaker. They made their home in Stewards Mill, Texas - (History of Freestone County, Volume I,story #844, page 617.)
(Watson Slaves)....McDuffe Betts Family History 
"McDuffe's great grandparents were slaves who belonged to the John Watson family in Alabama prior to the Civil War. They continued living on the plantation and working for the Watsons after they were freedmen.  The John Watson family came to Texas in 1850, leaving the Betts family behind. However, in the late 1850's, Alexander Taswell Watson, son of John, returned to Alabama to make arrangements necessary to bring the Betts family and others to Texas with him.  They were 20 in all, including children....." ( Jeff and Josephine Betts, McDuffe's grandparents were in this group of slaves.)
The rest of their account can be read at: 
 History of Freestone County,Volume I,  Story # 84, page 255. 
Check local Freestone County libraries and the Freestone County Museums for these history books.

Children of Alexander Tazwell and Martha Elizabeth "Matt" Whitaker Watson:

John Pleasant (b.1870-d.1911) 

Charles Henry (b.1874 - d.1937

Edward Monroe (b.1878 - d.1964)
***Edward Monroe and Charles Henry were co-owners of the WX Ranch in Stewards Mill.Their histories are found at Freestone County History , Volume I stories # 845 and 846, pages 618-19.

William Terry (b.1881-d.October 5,1944) -Married Mary Ada McAdams.
 Farmer and rancher in Steward's Mill, Tx.  
One time postmaster at Steward's mill store until the post office was deleted by the mail system.
History  of Freestone County, Texas, Volume II, story# 910, page 520, Watson, William Terry, by Ruth Watson-Calame
 Charles Lewis Watson 

Henry Clay Watson

Willie Watson

Jane Watson-Ward

John Champness Watson 

( ....Prior to the secession of Texas in (1861),  John Champness Watson participated in a debate at Baylor University, on Sam Houston's debate team. Their reasoning was centered around whether the South, as well as,Texas... should secede

Although he felt that Secession was not the way to go, he later entered the Civil War on the side of the South and unfortunately died at the Battle of Pleasant Hill in the Red River Campaign. He is buried in Mansfield, LA, near the battle site. 

John Champness Watson's personal history is found in the History of Freestone County, Volume I, story #849, page 620.

secession from the United States.
Confederate States of America 
American Civil War 


*This is a partial history of Gertye Watson-Boyd's Paternal grandparents. She was ever so proud of them. She actively passed this history and tradition on to her own son, W.R.Boyd III.


Gertye traveled extensively with her husband at home and abroad and loved to buy antiques which she brought home to the "Boyd" Lodge, to share with family,friends and, community.

According to J.R. Sonny Sessions, Jr., she loved entertaining guests , (just as her ancestors had  done), and was the life of the party.   Over the years she and her husband entertained many, many High government officials and dignitaries right here in Freestone county, Texas, at the Boyd Lodge.(This area now houses the Boyd prison unit, named for W.R.Boyd,Jr.)  

Gertye accomplished her entertainment feats with the experienced help of her amazing ,faithful and capable Black cook, Penny Mims.

Vern Dale Mims Obituary

 Penny commanded Gertye's kitchen like a true pro ,according to J.R. Sonny Sessions, Jr. ,who often visited Boyd Lodge ,with his father who served as Freestone County Sheriff.   Sometimes Penny even traveled along with the Boyd  family to help with the meals.

Boyd Lodge Memories


Gertye had 10  siblings, 3 sisters and 7 brothers. Their family consisted of eleven children. 

 They were:

Bertha  Watson ( married Professor C.K.Moffett ,who taught school in Fairfield in 1901.)

 John Bibb Watson ( married Louise Fischer) (1886 - 1937)

William Lake Watson  (February 22, 1882- 1962) ( married Zelma Tharp),
They had one son, William Lake, Jr.
History of Freestone County, Volume I, story # 852, page 622, Watson, William Lake, by Dr. William L. Watson. 

"Lake, affectionately known as "Charlie" by his friends, was a cotton buyer in the early days of Teague.  He was associated with J.E. (Ed) Watson and E. O. Price in this activity. Lake and J. E. Watson were partners in the cotton ginning business.At one time they were joint owners of the gin at Cotton Gin and for many years they operated a cotton farm between Dew and Buffalo.... 
Lake liked outdoor Sports and was one of the founding members of  the old Teague Country Club located near Simsboro.... Later Lake was one of the organizers of the Teague Hunting and Fishing Club.....Hunting was his favorite outdoor sport....He also enjoyed fishing, especially for large mouth Bass using artificial lures. 
Lake had certain characteristics that endeared him to those who knew him. His word was his bond, and his loyalty to his friends was without question. He is remembered for his kindness, thoughtfulness, and compassion.  When he spoke, his voice was quiet and gentle. There was a courtliness reminiscent of the chivalry of the Old South in his manner....."

History of Freestone County,Volume I, story #856, page 624, Watson, Zelma Tharp by Dr. William L. Watson 
"Zelma was the only child of D. C. Tharp and his wife, Mary Belle Glover-Tharp...
...Zelma Tharp had developed a hobby of tracing her family ancestry.  She had traced branches of the Glover family back to John Rolfe. Her ancestors played a part in much of our country's history from the Revolution through the Civil War. 
On her father's side, she was related to the Rabbs. Zelma's aunt, Isabella (Belle) Tharp, was married to Gail Texas Rabb, whose father, John Rabb, was one of the "Old Three Hundred" of Austin's Colony.  In the Texas Revolution, "Tex" was too young to fight but his "pa" took him along to help about the camp." He evidently was very useful as he was given the same 600 acre land grant that all who fought in the Battle of San Jacinto were given.  This acreage was near Austin and included Barton Springs.  The old stone house that was built out of rock hewn from the land is still sound and is now used in conjunction with Barton Springs Park......
Another of Zelma's ancestors, her great grandfather, was William Carroll Saunders, who was Consul to Rome in the 1850's and an artist of some note.  This man was the father of Miss Helen Saunders who, for so many years, taught piano in Teague.......
Zelma had always been interested in the history of her family. After she retired, she spent much of her time tracing the genealogy of the Glover and Saunders families."


Mary Gertrude (Gertye )Watson ( married W.R. Boyd, Jr.) (1884 - 1970)
**(These two are the feature characters of this amazing historical account.)


Tas Silas Watson  (1889 - 1957) - ( married Evelyn Pryor of Rusk, Tx)
History of Freestone County, Volume I, story #851, page 621, Watson , Tas Silas by Sylvia Childs.
"Tas Silas was born in Fairfield....Tas graduated from Fairfield High School and a business School in Tyler....(married Evelyn Pryor) ....they made their home in Fairfield....in 1919 Tas bought the Fairfield Abstract Company from R.N. Compton. His partners were H.B. Steward and W.W. Steward, Jr, of Fairfield. Tas later became an independent Oil lease agent and lease broker. He was a landowner and some of the land that Tas used in his ranching business had been in the Watson family for over 100 years and is still owned by the Watson family today.  He was a member of the First Baptist Church which he joined as a young man and he was a tither until his death. Tas was the first cattleman in Freestone County to bring in Santa Gertrudias cattle and his cattle barn had a brick floor....
Tas was on the school board for many years, President of the Rotary Club and was active in the Chamber of Commerce and many other civic affairs...
He never lost his love of hunting and fishing" ( he had lost one eye when young, due to a hunting accident.) 
 They had three children.
Tas and Evelyn Watsons children were:

Tas Watson, Jr. b.June 21, 1921 

Helen Ann Watson Steward Jefferies b.October 6m 1925

Evelyn Louise Watson b.August 31, 1927


 Annie Lee Watson-Peyton (1894 - 1925) ( Married Frank Bailey Peyton of Fairfield, Texas.)

They had two children. (Annie Lee died in 1925, giving birth to a third child.)

Frank Bailey Peyton...Jr.June 29, 1918-d.1988_____History of Freestone County, Volume II, story#661, page 410

Gertrude Annette (Trudie) Peyton, b...7-18-1920- d.1969


Howard Frank Watson (1891 - 1983)

History of Freestone County, Volume I, story #847, page 619, Waston, Howard Frank, by Sylvia B. Childs
 (married Elma Robertson, daughter of Charles and Lizzie Childs Robertson, also a pioneer family of Freestone County, Texas.) 

They had one son, Howard Watson, Jr. who married Hazel Grace McFadin, daughter of Dr. Wiley McFadin of Fairfield.

"...Howard had a grocery and market and was a rancher for many years until he retired"...He loved hunting....

Rex Q. Watson ( a twin...married Rayette Bush) (1896 - 1939)


Ray L. Watson (a twin....never married)(1896 - 1947)


Timothy Watson (Simeon Terry?) (1887 - 1888)


Corin Watson ( married Clifton Edward Childs) (1899 - 1968) ...

History of Freestone County, Story #209, Volume I, page 315, Childs, Clifton Edward by Julie Ann Childs-Medford.
"Corin is the daughter of William S. and Lera Lake Watson. 
(See John, William T., William S. Watson, John Lake, Ezekiel Weaver, and John Echols histories in History of Freestone County volumes.) 
June 30, 1926, Corin married Clifton Edward Childs. 
Corin was born July 7, 1899, in Fairfield, Texas - died April 2, 1968. 
Corin was known as a gracious hostess, when she shared her home with friends, neighbors or relatives with bridal showers, church parties, and family gatherings....and everyone always had a good time.. ... 
Her happy and christian spirit was a blessing to anyone who knew her. Her pride in Fairfield and its people was well founded and she knew no strangers..... 
Clifton , Corin and their children faithfully supported their church in attendance and one could always expect to find the visiting preacher, as a guest in their home during revivals or special events....
Clifton and Corin served their community with dedication and willingness to make their city and county what their ancestors dreamed and hoped it would become....."
(Some of the people above are listed on separate blocks 
in this signature quilt and may be featured in the near future.)



On her mother's side of the family Gertye was a grand daughter of John Enoch Lake, the son of Simeon and Nancy Lake, her maternal great grandparents.

In 1852 this family of nine people came to Freestone County by oxen pulled wagons. They came from South Carolina, via Arkansas.


They brought with them a family of five slaves. 

*( Simeon and Nancy owned the Slave family of Edward "Ned"  and Chlora Dunbar-Titus, (ancestors of Sherry A. Brackens-Byrd, the writer of this blog.) 

Chlora Dunbar was the daughter of an Irish/Black man,  named Joseph Dunbar and his wife,  Harriett Dunbar.

Joseph Dunbar's father was an Irishman, named William Dunbar.  William's mother was a unidentified slave woman.

Very little is known about "Ned's"  ancestors,(such as his parents ). But it has been established that he did have brothers in South Carolina.  They

Walter Titus b. 1830 , Thomas Titus and James Titus (twins) b. in 1835, Jerry Titus and Henry Titus (twins) b. 1840, Alfred Titus b.1844, and Glasco Titus
b. 1845.  They were all born in Marysville, Sumter, Newberry, South Carolina.

Titus, Edward "Ned" by Wilbur Thirkield Titus
Story # 870, Volume II, page 598
According to research, Edward "Ned" Titus and his wife Chlorie were among the slaves brought from South Carolina to Arkansas, and to Freestone County, Texas in 1852, by their masters, the Simeon and Nancy Lake Family.
After the slaves were freed, Ned and his family moved to the Brown's Creek Area, bought land and raised his family. Ned was considered industrious, a good farmer, religious, and philanthropic. He was active in the civic life of his community. He gave the land to Hope Well United Church for its site. ( The only landmark left to show that Titus Farms ever existed is the Hopewell Cemetery that is right next door to the Electrical Plant.Read about the struggle to keep it in existence at this link:  Titus Family Historian)


See also information at History of Freestone County, Volume I, Hope Well Memorial Association's Citation, Hope Well Memorial Cemetery, Fairfield, Texas, page719, 
submitted by Mrs. Jewel Keeton, Wilbur T. Titus and Isiah "Buddy" Carden.


Big Brown Electrical Plant now stands in area where
Titus Farms used to exist.
 Ned and Chlorie had eleven children, that could account for their interest in education.  Their children were:
Timothy (Tite)Titus -(Married Maggie) 
Frances Titus-Mims -( Married George Mims) 
Jim Titus- ( Married First wife Jennie, second wife Mrs. Liney Lee) 
Harriet Titus - Mims ( Married Guy Mims) 
Henry Titus - (Married First wife, Miss Susan Phillips, second wife, Mrs. Lula Averhart) 
Emma Titus ( Married Houston......) 
Sudie Titus  
Walter Titus-( Married First wife,Miss Patsie Reddick ( great-great grandparents of Sherry A. Brackens-Byrd...the writer of this Blog), Second wife, Miss Amanda Richardson) 
 Walter and Patsie's had one child : 
Ellen Anna Titus-Durham ( she married Willie Anderson Durham) 
***Willie and Ellen Anna  had 12 children, 36 grandchildren and 22+ great grandchildren:
Cuny Anderson Durham
Clara Venetta Durham-Garrietty
Lillie Elliet Durham-Peters
Gladys Celia Durham-Henry ( grandmother of Sherry A. Byrd, writer of this blog.)
Yale Capoleon Durham
Chavous Auto Durham
John Wesley (Freedney) Durham
Walter Titus (Nit) Durham
Katie Mae Durham-Tatum
Alonzo (Lonzo) Oneil Durham
Harold James Durham
        * Eleanor Durham--died at birth 
 Willie Titus - ( Married Miss Mary Rauls) 
Levi Titus -( Married Miss Jane Burks) 
Guydon or Guy Titus - ( Married Miss Nettie Burks)

Other Resources to review

"Ned" Titus Memorial Page, History of Freestone County, Texas, Volume II, page 598.

Titus Family Historian

Titus Family Quilt Making Lineage

Laverne Brackens NEA Award 2011

Laverne Brackens...NEA Pictures

Homegrown Reversible Story quilt

Jazz With A Needle and Thread Reversible Story quilt


History of Freestone County, Volume I, story # 502, page 449-50, Lake Simeon and Nancy, by Leslie Lake Smith and Mrs. Stanley M.Erskine

The Lakes settled and pioneered the Ward's Prairie area of Freestone County, Texas. They donated land for the Lake Chapel Church and Cemetery. The Church was used for a school in that area.  Simeon Lake would pay the teacher's salary to hold classes.   Lake Chapel Cemetery is still in use today, in 2013.

Wards Prairie, Freestone County, Texas

Simeon Lake died in 1879 and Nancy Catherine Lake died in 1883 or 86. They are both buried at Lake Chapel Cemetery.

  Nancy Catherine Heller Lake (1822 - 1886)?


The children of Simeon and Nancy Lake are:

Sarah Elizabeth Lake- History of Freestone County, Volume II, story #443, page, 315-16, Lake, Elizabeth Riddle Huckaby by Alicia Lake Smith.

John Enoch Lake   ( Maternal grandfather of Gertye Watson-Boyd)

Joseph Wallace Lake (1844 - 1879)

Jabez Silas Lake

Silas Jasper Lake (1848 - 1934)
History  of Freestone County, Volume I, story # 501, page 449, Lake, Silas Jasper by Leslie Lake Smith.

Laura Ann Irena Lake -(Herring)

Martha Jane Lake-(Day)- History of Freestone County, Volume II, story # 446, page 317, Lake, Miss Mattie (Martha Jane) by Doris Lake Williams.

The children of John Enoch Lake are:

John Edward Lake (1842 - 1897)

Hattie Lake

Wallace Lake (1844 - 1879)

Laura Lake

Silas Lake

Martha Lake

Jobie Lake

Thomas Lake (1856 - 1889)

Lera (Helera) Lake-(Watson).....(mother to Gertye Watson-Boyd)    (1861 - 1936)

Timothy Lake  


The Weavers.....

History of Freestone County, Volume I, story #857, page 624,Weaver, A Family History by Caroline Williford Whatley
Ezekiel and Doritha Weaver... 
 History of Freestone County, Volume I, story#858, page 624-25, by Elizabeth Barnes
 "came from Alabama as early pioneers to Texas.  They traveled by oxen pulled wagon.....and settled in Sand Town Springs in 1844. This settlement was located in the northwestern part of Limestone county. This area later became Freestone County, Texas in the year 1851."

Their children were:

Lepee A.Weaver

Mary Weaver....( Gertye Boyd's paternal grandmotherShe married William T. Watson.)

Noah Weaver

John M. Weaver

Barbara Weaver

George Walter Weaver

 (Their full story can  be read in the History of Freestone County, story# 858, page 624, Volume I)


W. R. Boyd III - Son of Gertye and Bill Boyd, Jr. Born: 19___   Died: January 23, 1966.

"William Rufus Boyd III was proud of his heritage, his Mother and his Father, whose name he proudly bore; of his Freestone County heritage; and of his country which he ably served.

He was a geologist with a degree from Princeton University......

He served as a Lt.
Col. in the United States Air Force during WWII. Prior to D-Day He was deputy chief of staff of a photo reconnaissance wing commanded by the then Colonel Elliott Roosevelt that made aerial photographs for three invasions. During WWII his successful efforts as petroleum supply liaison officer for the United States Air Force proved invaluable to his country and her Allies. In recognition of these meritorious achievements, he was awarded the Oak Leaf Cluster and the Bronze Star." (....History of Freestone County, page 678, Volume I)

He was buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, D.C.

His wife was Elise Corbitt, daughter of Judge Corbitt of Padukah, Kentucky. 

Elise was a talented Songwriter.

They had only one son W.R. Boyd IV, b.September 25, 1930 - d. July 23, 1988 .... married Margaret Winter, b. January 10, 1933 - d. July 23, 1988.

They had 5 children...all born in Houston, Texas.

He was senior Vice President of First City National Bank in Houston and director of the Fairfield State Bank.

(Read his family history in the History of Freestone County, Volume I, story # 145, page283)

Judge W. R. BoydBorn in Mansfield, Desoto Parish, Louisiana, USA .  September 29 ,1856 to Lofton Reeves Boyd and Cynthia Ellen Riley.  William Rufus married Lizzie Pheribe Self and they had 5 children. He passed away  Aug 5,1934 in Teague, Texas.

  He was a lawyer and partner in a law firm with his son, W.R.Boyd, Jr. in Teague, Texas.  He also served as a Judge in Fairfield,Freestone County, Texas.

Some Boyd Family Genealogy

Mrs. W. R. Boyd- Born:December 27,1864 - Died: April 1,1947.  Lizzie Pheribe Self , daughter of David Self.....married William Rufus Boyd and had 5 children.


Lizzie Pheribe's date of death, along with that of the infant, (her great nephew), L. R. Boyd III's demise , are both very good indicators as to the time frame in which this signature quilt was created. 

 She passed away April 1, 1947.  So the signature quilt definitely had to be in the making at this point.  All her family members are included on it; even those who have passed prior to her.   She along with her daughter, Lillian , and her daughter- in- law, Gertye, all may have been among the eager promoters of bringing the quilt into existence.  If the members of  Teague Chapter No. 408, Grand Chapter of Texas, Order of the Eastern Star was in on promoting the creation of this textile....then definitely Gertye would be too, because she and her husband, Bill were  both named as founding members of this organization on its Original Charter, according to an entry in the History of Freestone County Volume II, page 558.   Gertye, loving genealogy as she did,  would have possibly encouraged her mother- in- law to provide the detailed information to include all family members.  Lizzie was probably the sole person who had access to all the family details....(such as Lizzie's deceased son , Loften Forrest, who died at the early age of one year old in 1889 , her deceased daughter ,Clio ,who died in 1909 at the age of thirteen, Mary Elizabeth, another daughter passed away in 1943 and her dear husband, Judge Boyd, died in 1934.)  And she even included her husband's brother, David Boyd.

Sensing the nearness of her own demise....Lizzie may have longed to leave a tangible record and/or evidence of her family's existence in this small progressive community.   A block on this signature quilt, with everyone's name added,  would seem to have been a wonderful way to leave a memorial and preserve her family's legacy, as a group ,in this community.  

Her only living son W.R. Boyd, Jr. in the Summer of 1946 had been awarded the presidential medal of merit, the highest government award made to civilians by President Truman, for his dedication and loyalty of promoting WWII  Allied efforts as chairman of the Petroleum Industry  War Council.   Here was a most unique time to record leads to the Boyd family's composite existence, history and legacy.  She would also to be a good citizen by donating to and supporting the town's fundraising efforts. (NoteThe History of Freestone County volumes I and II were not in existence or even thought of in the minds of Freestone County citizens at this time period...but when it finally did come to be, it enhanced the efforts of these citizens, like Lizzie Boyd, to preserve the memory of their families and legacies by bringing to the fore wonderful and amazing details about individuals, their works, desires,struggles and accomplishments.)   How could she possibly pass up this most opportune and grand window of opportunity?


Clio Boyd Born March 3, 1896 to William Rufus Boyd and Lizzie Pheribe Self.  She passed away on Jun 7,1909 in Hubbard, Texas, USA ,at the age of thirteen..

Forest Boyd- (Lofton Forrest)-Born September 11, 1888 to William Rufus Boyd and Lizzie Pheribe Self.  He died on July 30,1889.

Sterling R. Proctor-Born in Grosbeck, Texas, USA on 
August 9 ,1889.  Sterling Ray married Lillian Boyd and had one child.

Mrs. Sterling R. Proctor-Born November 14 , 1893 to William Rufus Boyd and Lizzie Pheribe Self.  Lillian Boyd married Sterling Ray Proctor and had one child. She passed away  September 2, 1954


Sterling Proctor, Jr.-Born to Sterling Ray Proctor and Lillian Boyd.

J. W. Carnes-John William Carnes....Born in Ohio, USA , 1883.  John William married Mary Elizabeth Boyd and had one child.

Mrs. J. W. CarnesBorn in Teague, Texas, USA ,July 11, 1890-91  to William Rufus Boyd and Lizzie Pheribe Self. Mary Elizabeth Boyd married John William Carnes and had one child. She passed away November 30 , 1943  in Kensice, New York, USA

( Lillian) Ruth CarnesBorn on 1911 to John William Carnes and Mary Elizabeth Boyd.
*History of Freestone County, Volume I, story # 143, page 282 by Vaudiene Kirgan Boyd

L. R. Boyd, Sr.-Born in Fairfield, Texas December 26, 1890 to Lofton Reeves Boyd  b. September 2, 1863 - d. September 17, 1917 and Martha Rebecka (Little Mattie) Richards Boyd ,b. July 13, 1868 - d. October 23, 1949 . Lofton Richards Boyd, Sr. died,May 28, 1982.   

Lofton Richard married Helen Ward and had 2 children. 

He was the brother of Judge William Rufus Boyd and uncle to W.R. Boyd, Jr. 

"He owned and operated the Fairfield Recorder Newspaper and other businesses, in Freestone County, Texas. His  father Lofton Reeves, had been a newspaper man and pharmacist in Indian Territory which eventually became the state of Oklahoma. 
His father moved the family to Teague in 1913, where he opened a business selling Hupmobiles and later Ford cars in Fairfield and Teague. At one time he had dealerships in Teague, Fairfield and Wortham. 
Mr. Boyd was also a rancher.
 History of Freestone County, volume II, story # 906, page 519, Ward, Marie Helen (Mrs. Loften Richard Boyd) by Rachael Boyd Dunlap

His wife Marie Helen Ward, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jasper N. Ward, was born July 3, 1894 - died January 16, 1961.

"Marie Helen Ward was born in Palestine, Texas in 1894, the daughter of Jasper Newton Ward and the former Mary Elizabeth Brooks.  She and her parents also lived in Orange and Galveston before coming to Teague in 1906.  J.N. Ward was a 'railroad man".

Marie Helen had five brothers:

Walter B. Ward
William J. Ward
Haynes A. Ward
Gilbert C. Ward
Samuel B. Ward

Their maternal great, great grandfather was general John S. Besser who came to the Republic of Texas from Troy, Missouri, in 1840 and settled on a plantation near New Waverly.  Later he moved to Huntsville.  General Besser and the former Julia Hampton had nine children, one of which, Julia Helen married Mr. William H. Brooks who served in the 20th Infantry Regiment of the C.S.A.  Their daughter Mrs. M.E. Brooks Ward was a member of the Freestone Chapter Texas Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.  In turn, her daughter, Marie Helen Ward Boyd was a member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.

In 1914 Marie Helen Ward married Loften Richards Boyd and lived in Teague the rest of her life."

They had 2 children:

L.R. (Dick) Boyd, Jr. 

Rachel Boyd - Dunlap.

May 1962 he married Vaudiene Wilson-Kirgan of Fairfield.

(Read more about L.R. Boyd at story #143, page 282, History of Freestone County, Volume I.)

Note: The Boyds are related to the Richards Family:
Melkijah Richards
Decatur Richards
W. E. Richards....(is his uncle and who owned the first bank in Fairfield, Tx.)


Mrs. L. R. Boyd, Sr. (Helen Ward) -Born 1893 to Jasper  N.Ward.   Helen married Lofton Richard Boyd and had 2 children. 

Lofton Richard (Dick) Boyd, Jr.

 Rachel Boyd (Dunlap)

His wife Marie Helen Ward, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jasper N. Ward, was born July 3, 1894 - died January 16, 1961.

History of Freestone County, volume II, story # 906, page 519, Ward, Marie Helen (Mrs. Loften Richard Boyd) by Rachael Boyd Dunlap

"Marie Helen Ward was born in Palestine, Texas in 1894, the daughter of Jasper Newton Ward and the former Mary Elizabeth Brooks.  She and her parents also lived in Orange and Galveston before coming to Teague in 1906.  J.N. Ward was a 'railroad man".

Marie Helen had five brothers:

Walter B. Ward
William J. Ward
Haynes A. Ward
Gilbert C. Ward
Samuel B. Ward

Their maternal great, great grandfather was general John S. Besser who came to the Republic of Texas from Troy, Missouri, in 1840 and settled on a plantation near New Waverly.  Later he moved to Huntsville.  General Besser and the former Julia Hampton had nine children, one of which, Julia Helen married Mr. William H. Brooks who served in the 20th Infantry Regiment of the C.S.A.  Their daughter Mrs. M.E. Brooks Ward was a member of the Freestone Chapter Texas Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.  In turn, her daughter, Marie Helen Ward Boyd was a member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.

In 1914 Marie Helen Ward married Loften Richards Boyd and lived in Teague the rest of her life."


L. R. Boyd, Jr.-Lofton Richard ( Dick) Boyd, Jr.,  b. November 12,1917 -d. June 15, 1988.....married Mae Louise (Quija ) Castleberry...  daughter of R. C. "Buck" and Lolo (Maupin) Castleberry of Teague, Texas...

( Dick and Mae Louise (Quija ) were very active in the Teague community as a couple and are remembered by W.A. Keils, Jr.  in History of Freestone County,Volume II,  page 566, on a memorial page titled "In Memory Of Dick Boyd.")

There is a photo showing Dick being presented with the "Boyd Cup" in 1956. Also photos of Dick, Quija and Mary Ann his second wife.

Mr. Keils, Jr. states that...."Dick was very instrumental in the building of the first public swimming pool at City Park (in Teague) .   He donated money, labor and materials.... 
  He served as president of the Teague Independent School Board, and as such, was a moving force behind integration of the Teague schools.  Such was accomplished without a court order......."

Mrs. L. R. Boyd, Jr. - Mae Louise (Quija ) Castleberry b.July 22, 1918 - d. June 30, 1962... Daughter of R. C. "Buck" and; Lolo (Maupin) Castleberry... First wife of Dick Boyd, of Teague, Texas.


L. R. Boyd III- (Lofton Richard Boyd III), *Born September 11, 1947- Died October 1,1947.

* The vital statistics of this baby actually helps to establish the year that this quilt was created. His parents adopted two other children after his demise and neither of those children were listed on this signature quilt.

His adopted brother, Stephen was born in the same month as L.R.Boyd III. The adopted sister Martha Ritchie was born in 1951. Therefore this quilt had to be created and completed  at least by September-October,1947... before the infant's demise and before the other two children were adopted.


Rachel Boyd -  Sister of Lofton Richard Boyd, Jr.....She was probably still single when this quilt was created, as she is listed by her maiden name. 

She married R. C.Dunlap, Jr.   They had 2 children........They resided in Dallas, Texas.


David Boyd Born in 1900 to Lofton Reeves Boyd and Martha Richards.  (He was a brother to L.R. Boyd, Sr. and W.R. Boyd, Sr.) 

 David Leroy married Minnie Fogelman.  David Leroy married Lois Lindley and had 2 children. He passed away 1952 in Kemp, Texas, USA.



Whenever possible,  Black family and other cultural group genealogies information will  be included in my postings, as I come across or discover it in my personal efforts to unlock the history of this amazing signature quilt and the names of those featured on it. As far as I can tell there are no Black family names to be found on this textile (Some surnames on the quilt are used by Blacks and Whites...but the names on it refer to white citizens).  The EXTRA information will be provided with the understanding that Black people and other citizens who were not white, also played an amazing part in the stories that are unfolding in connection with this quilt, even though their names are not listed physically, (such as I have noted in this post featuring the Boyds and how my Titus family history roots ties in with the Lake family...and thus eventually to Gertye Boyd. This will be to help assist Black families and others to find information on their ancestral roots when possible..  

I will only post information that I have available to me either through the established research sources or that is made available by Black families and others who are doing their own family research.  I do not have all the answers and I do not offer or provide individual family research or personal research services to anyone.  My present research projects leave no room to provide extended research for anyone. As much as I would like to help others with their research projects I have to recognize my limitations. I just don't have the time, resources or physical stamina to do so. Thanks for your kind understanding.


There are lots more details to the Boyd History....but much too much to be covered in this post. I have included lots of links to help anyone who may be looking for genealogical leads on their Boyd, Weaver, Lake, Watson and Echols family lineages. I hope that in some small way this will help to further your family research.

Sherry Ann

***The End***


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