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Friday, November 15, 2013

WORK - IN - PROGRESS : A Sneak Preview

Transforming an old textile..
JUST another 'ole' tattered signature quilt....
'Lone Star Braggin' Rights reversible story quilt #3...
by Sherry A. Byrd

This post is a short ....mostly pictorial... sneak preview.  to the renovation and restoration of 'Lone Star Braggin Rights' reversible story quilt. The preview will introduce you the viewer to some of the additions, modifications, enhancements and embellishments that I have added to the new story quilt composition.   The old signature quilt when found in March of 1999 was very fragile and delicate, so I decided that I would try to extend its life and longevity by giving it some serious reinforcements...Sherry Byrd style.  Thus I determined that I would roll it over by recycling it into one of my wonderful reversible story quilts. ( I have written about these two story quilts in other posts on the blog.  They are :



"Jazz With A Needle and Thread"

One of my greatest intentions for tackling this  transformation is to give the textile more strength to keep it stable enough for vigorous viewing.... such as when opportunities arise for it to be exhibited.  In the fragile condition in which it was recovered this would have been very difficult, if at all possible , if one wanted to perhaps hang it on a wall. The consequent stress might cause substantial unrepairable damage.  The way in which I have anchored it into my new creative compositional arrangement will cause any such possible stresses to be on the stronger more newer materials and not the signature quilt itself.  And second the new composition will compliment the signatures by causing the history behind the names to blossom and grow right before the viewers' very eyes in just one single glance.

At this point in my efforts to compose this reversible story quilt I have practically finished Side # 1 and am about 1/3 into side #2, so most of what you will get to view here will be from the first side.
Maybe, as I get farther along on side two I  may do another post on the compositional arrangement or just revise this one.  I haven't definitely decided yet.  It has taken me approximately 14 years to get this far....as I only work on it when I can squeeze in spare time from all my secular obligations. So I hope you will enjoy this preview .  I also hope you like what you see. ...because there is more to come.  ENJOY!!!

Sherry Ann


View the names on this quilt at the link below:


(Some Close up views of  Tied  applique strip, left hand side of Side I)


(still in progress)

Reverse side peek-a-boo



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