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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Visit With Eli Leon And His Quilts by Sherri Lynn Wood

Eli Leon surrounded by his African American improvisation quilt collection
Photo by Sherri Lynn Wood
Eli with his father's memorial quilt
Photo by Sherri Lynn Wood

Sometimes just doing a random check while surfing the internet causes some amazing and wonderful information to surface. Just today, 5/21/2013, I typed in the name "Eli Leon" and came up with a  wonderful post about this interesting and intriguing researcher ,curator, and quilt collector of African American Improvisational quilts. I have known Eli for almost 30 years now. I met him via a newspaper "Want Ad" he had made while looking for these wonderful works in the San Francisco Bay Area during the beginning of his journey to seek out African American quilt makers. It turned out that I and my family created the works that Eli  adored. This led to a long and fruitful relationship between us all.

Back to the internet....I just have to share Sherri Lynn Woods recent two part posts at http://daintytime.net/?s=eli+leon+collection...that she has written on A visit with Eli Leon and his quilts. She introduces us to another one of Eli's many and varied talents.....the creation of his very own personal Improvisational patchwork quilts. For those who love these quilts , it is so exciting to see what Eli has accomplished with his very on hands. He is indeed now one of us....an official bonafide quilt maker !!!!

Please visit http://daintytime.net/?s=eli+leon+collection and ENJOY this fantastic treat.I'm sure you won't be dissapointed.

Sherry Ann

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