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Passionate About History ,Quilts and Genealogy

My name is Sherry A. Byrd. I am a historian and  African American Folk art quilt maker from Freestone County, Texas. I was born in 195l, in Fairfield,Texas,( in the centennial year of the town). Fairfield is the county seat.

I love history,quilts and art.

I am a graduate of Sam Houston State University (1972). I have a BA in History and Art. I was raised in a family that loved to create quilts and acquired my love for these beautiful works of art gradually as I attained to maturity...thru observation of these wonderful Folk Artists who created them..


My mission in creating this site "Quilts And Stories By Sherry Ann" is to document the relationship of the people of Freestone county to their love of quilt making and tie this love to the countys' genealogy and history.

 The  focus of this blog first zooms in on the  history of the slave Edward "Ned" Titus, his family and their quilt making lineage. This African American quilting lineage extends back six generations. There are many more families in the area that have similar quilt making legacies. This extends into all cultures that have resided in this county.

As this story develops, hopefully, you will discern that there are many intimate ties, over lappings and interweavings of  family histories and the art of quilt making. There is so much information, I will only be able to scratch the surface, but in doing so maybe someone will be inspired to take up where I leave off and continue this fascinating journey into our countys' history.

These Freestone county quilts, sometimes act as the only documents to the "living legacies" that families or individuals of the area have left behind as citizens of this county. The quilts may eventually help genealogy buffs of Freestone county and maybe even outsiders, to connect with links in their family lineages to this area. I sincerely hope so.

Via quilt making we will explore life in Freestone county, Texas "As It Was" and "As It Is Today". Also, how it relates to the greater universe outside these local boundaries in the quilt world and the art world.

If after examining the information within this site, you as a visitor, have and would like to contribute more details and facts about Freestone county quilts and/or family histories, etc., please send the information via email to syncopatedaccents@yahoo.com. I welcome help in making the site as factual and fascinating as possible.

Freestone county, to me, is one of the most interesting and fascinating places on this earth. Like most other places it has its good and bad sides, but I still strongly feel that it deserves to have a permanent place on the historical road map, especially so, concerning its quilt making heritage.

So please come back and visit our site often. We have a lot to tell you and hope you will enjoy every minute of your visit each time.We'll try not to bore you too much.We will probably try to post something new at least once a month or even more frequently if We can carve out the time.

So bye for now and We hope you'll visit again "Real Soon!!"


Concerning Copyright Use of Images -- Very Important

All images posted on this blog, including both photographs and works of art, are restricted by copyright use.  It is illegal to use any of these images in any manner without the explicit written permission of Sherry A. Byrd.

All such requests for use, which will be given due consideration in the order of their receipt, should be made to Sherry A. Byrd at syncopatedaccents@yahoo.com or (903)389-8292

For more information concerning the art work, see www.quiltstoriesbysherryann.blogspot.com.

Presentation of these images on my blog is purely for informational purposes in order to disseminate the existence of such images the use of which is under the copyright law in all cases in which copyright use applies.


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