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Sherry Byrd's Artist Statement


 What makes a great M-provisational quilt? I believe a person has to have a great imagination and a "try this to see what will happen" attitude . Also the employing of miscellaneous materials,left-over scraps, a spontaneity in the piecing and quilting processes, and the love of jazzing and spicing things up. Last of all, sometimes the artist must be brave enough to disregard strict structural rules. 

A lot of my quilt tops have been built as I sat at the sewing machine, or as I am hand sewing. I sew two or more scraps together and, if they strike my fancy ,"just right" I'm soon working feverishly to see what the total outcome will be. Not all my efforts end up as masterpieces. When that happens ,I just cut them up and include them in another project with a different array of tantalizing material. Almost nothing is wasted! 

M-provisational quilts created from leftover clothing and textiles aids me to thrive on Beauty,Creativity,Resourcefulnes and Ingenuity.

 I encourage all,"Don't throw anything out just because it's old". Seek to find an alternative career for the item. If the Universal Sovereign,Jehovah God,programmed the earth and its ecosystems to naturally recycle themselves ,then how much more we humans,whom he gave a higher degree of intellegence ,should apply ourselves to not wasting and squandering Earth's bountiful supplies. "ONE MAN'S TRASH IS ANOTHER MAN'S TREASURES".Remember the art created from Recycled Resources in an m-provisational manner,is a part of our HISTORY& LEGACY . It's a cultural seed that needs watering and cultivating to make it grow in respect in the eyes of the world. 

Our ancestors'motto was ,"Waste Not,Want Not." We of the 21st century do well to adhere to this wise saying and also instill it in future generations.

Sherry Ann



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